Snowball Fibre 

Snowball fibre networks are 100% owned, installed and managed by Snowball. This enables us to offer a wide range of services, at very cost effective pricing as there are no third parties involved. We sell directly onto these networks, do the support directly, and repair any fibre damage ourselves. This enables full control over the quality, uptime and stability of the network.

Snowball offers both capped and uncapped month-to-month fibre Internet subscriptions, ranging from 10Mbps through to 100Mbps. Whether you’re a keen blogger or a family of 8 consisting of gamers and Netflix fans, we can cater to your needs at incredibly competitive rates.

FTTA – Fibre to the apartment

These buildings all have Snowball Fibre already available. Click the name of the building to see the Internet options offered inside that specific building. Although we strive for uniform pricing, some buildings have different pricing due to varying backhaul costs, volumes involved, and environmental factors for the specific premises. Similarly very high-speed packages are also not available everywhere.

Buildings Under Construction

Not Covered Yet

If your building is not on this list, and you think sufficient interest exists, please click the “Get Me Fibre” button and enter your information. This helps us prioritize buildings based on interest in the buildings for services, and then we can keep you up to date as to when Snowball Fibre is available.

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