About us


Snowball was founded in 1998 to service internet solutions within Stellenbosch and the surrounding areas.


Snowball was founded to combat the lack of high speed, competitively priced internet connectivity in the Stellenbosch area which left many farms and businesses with expensive out-of-date Internet solutions such​ ​as​ ​ISDN and​ ​Diginet​. Our competitors​ ​were​ ​holding​ ​customers​ ​hostage​ ​to​ ​long contracts​ ​with​ ​extremely​ ​high​ ​and inflexible​ ​pricing. Within this framework it was easy for us to know where to competitively pitch our business, and almost 20 years later, we’re still going strong.


Adopted Fibre to complement our wireless network to offer YOU​ ​diverse ​options​ ​from​ ​Fibre​-​to-the​-​home,​ ​to​ ​licensed​ ​and​ ​unlicensed​ ​band​ ​wireless.​ Snowball​ ​has​ ​always​ ​prided​ ​itself​ ​in​ ​being​ ​a​ ​technology​ ​agnostic​ ​company, and these​ ​days​ ​our​ ​connectivity​ ​services​ ​are​ ​very​ ​diverse. ​In addition to this, ​our​ ​network​ ​still​ ​boasts​ ​redundancy​ ​across​ ​the​ ​board,​ ​on​ ​all​ ​our​ ​high sites​ ​and​ ​in​ ​our​ ​data​ ​centres​ ​in​ ​Stellenbosch​ ​and​ ​Cape​ ​Town.


Proud to be local and leverage our national group for industry-leading best practice.


  • By providing​ ​exceptional​ ​support​ ​and​ ​competitive​ ​services​, ​Snowball​ has ​built​ ​up a​ ​loyal​ ​base​ ​of​ ​customers in our almost two decades of operating. ​ ​Our case was made even stronger due to the strength of our​ ​website​ ​and​ ​online​ ​presence, both of which were​ ​way​ ​ahead of​ ​our​ ​peers. On the backend of the business, the​ ​core​ ​of​ ​our​ ​network​ ​was​ ​backed​ ​up​ ​by​ ​a​ ​modern data​ ​centre​ ​with​ ​total​ ​redundancy​ ​and​ ​exceptional​ ​power.
  • Today Snowball consists of a dedicated and passionate team who strive to provide excellent internet infrastructure coupled with helpful and knowledgeable customer service. We always try to be there for the client and know that if we are, then they’ll be there for us.
  • Joined the HeroTel group in 2015 and grown​ ​in​ ​leaps​ ​and bounds​ ​to​ ​entrench​ ​our​ ​position​ ​as​ ​a​ ​market​ ​leader.
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